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YahYeetDaDeet's Staff Application
[b]Steam Name:[/b][b] JuiceXYZ (like the abc song)[/b]

[b]RP (Ingame) Name:[/b][b] Jimothy Stevens[/b]

[b]SteamID:[/b] [b][b]76561198140995609[/b][/b]

[b]Steam URL:[/b][b] https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198140995609[/b]

[b]Are you on our Discord? (Name and Discord ID):[/b][b] d3#0003[/b]
[b]Country:[/b] Corona

[b]Time-Zone (e.g UTC, BST):[/b] AM/PM

[b]Age (Minimum 10):[/b] I'm 9 but i'll be 9 and a half in april (april 2nd)

[b]How many warnings do you have on the server?(Under 5 recommended): 27[/b]

[b]Do you have a donator rank? (If so state what tier):[/b] maybe

[b]Have you read the Staff Rules?:[/b][b] No[/b]

[b]Do you have past experience of being Staff? (If so state the rank and your tasks):[/b][b] yes, i was staff on a server owned by Garry himself and he said i did a good job, "10/10 staff member best i've seen" - Garry[/b]

[b]How much time could you spend on the server in an average week?: 200-300 hours (minimum)

What values would you add to the team? (175 words minimum):I am a very active player and respectful to others I don't have good experience with ServerGuard, but i have good experience with ULX, i know enough about DarkRP, i will be active and  i will be more as a staff job more than other jobs in darkrp, I have a basic knowledge of the ULX commands system , I will be quick for someone in need. I will warn someone as soon as i have proof that they are bad sport and i first spectating them before doing something .I try not to interfere with things that will hurt me or my reputation. I also like helping people in assistance when I can. I don't believe in people who is disrespectful and i don't really appreciate it for those people then i know they are lying. I carefully listen to people to understand and to warn/ban/kick someone. If im being a staff, im doing to help people as best as i can. Sometimes theres no staff, so i could be useful or if all staff is afk or on the sit.

Why do you want to be staff? (175 words minimum): I want to make the community bigger, I want to warn people for a bad behiaviour. I want to help out on the server. I've seen rule breakers on your server and i want to stop it. We all know that nobody likes rule breaker,hacker sometimes anticheats helps out with it. I've been on the loads of players can not be handled by the small team of staff. On some occasions, there was actually no staff online - leaving a hole server for trolls to abuse. I fully read the rules and i know i'm not a rule breaker. I'm always constantly on Garry's Mod, I currently have 516+ hours game time on Garry's Mod, I feel that I could better this community and put all of my experience dedicated into community.I am often on late at night when some staff are not and I witness the rule-breakers not being punished and feel the need to step in and take control of the situation. I am gaming toddler and i play all games all night long. Some times im serious, sometimes i like to relax and rp. I am 9 (and a half in APRIL) and I haven't really felt the need to be Staff in a game until now, Garry's Mod is full of trolls that need to be taken care of for example Youtubers. I am very active and sometimes i can't play because of family problems. I play everyday from 10 hour to 12+ hours. I believe this will contribute to my time as Co-Owner hugely, most of the time staff members could be busy with sits and having more moderators could free up the server admins for serious and urgent problems.I would like to be staff because I want to help other people if there is a problem and to make peoples experience on this server better. I really love to play DarkRP with poeple. And I really would appreciate a chance to be staff on this wonder server; And i will never do dumb thing on this server because i don't want make people leave Asap server forever and forget about it.

Tell us more about yourself (150 words minimum): im just normal toddler that plays games. Im very friendly with other even if its a racist or someone else. Rarely i have problems with my family and it stresses me and of that i can't play my pc and join the server or im going on the trip or something. Im friendly with others because i don't want someone be mad something or leave the server and i dont want any problems of that. I just want to have good time. Because of my family problems im joining any server and then Im playing with my friends, so i could have good mood, but i gain warns when im playing with friends. If im being staff or something, im trying to not do stupid things. But anyways i like to be friends with others and play all together and have fun. So i hope this server accepts me so we could have more players. <Big Grin.
i use my own format cuz u no have one. plz give me staff i help run big lewa experience  Angel Angry

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