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DarkRP Server Rules
DarkRP Server Rules
Note; These rules are subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to ensure you're kept updated with the server rules.
Last Rule Update: January 24th, 2020

General Rules
1. Use common sense
2. Do not disrespect/flame/troll others.
3. No racism
4. No spamming voice/chat/tools/props/entities/hits
5. Do not abuse exploits/glitches/loopholes/
   You should report any of these to staff upon discovery; rewards are given to those whom help the community
6. Zero tolerance for DDOS and any type of hacking threats.
7. Staffs decisions are final, any issue please report to forums and not argue.
8. No RDM; [R]andom [D]eath [M]atch
     You must have a realistic reason for killing someone, annoying you is not a good enough reason.
9. Don't break NLR; [N]ew [L]ife [R]ule
     NLR means you cannot remember anything from your past life and you cannot return to the area which you died for AT LEAST 3 minutes or until the past roleplay situation is over. 
10. Don't demote anyone if staff is online.
11. Don't body block.
12. No metagaming, using OOC or a 3rd party program to communicate roleplay situation is not allowed. 
13. Anyone is allowed to steal besides the government 

Building Rules
1. You must own the front door or be added to build inside and or to help defend a base.
2. You're allowed 3 fading doors with maximum delay of 5 seconds. You're allowed 2 vault or printer fading doors. 
3. KOS lines must be easily visible with easy understanding of requirements. 
4. You may build up to the end of the sidewalk, within the width of your property line. 
5. No fake and or hidden buttons/keypads. 
6. No props cannot be floating, all props must have a realistic support beam if in the air.
7. A player must not have to crouch or jump to get into your base.
8. A player should be able to enter and exit your base.
9. You cannot shoot through a one-way prop. 
10. No blacked out bases.
11. All fading doors must have a keypad
12. If you can shoot a certain part on a raider(s) body then they should be able to shoot the same part of your body. 
13. All shootings holes must have a button 
14. Cannot use hotkeys during a raid (Fading door abuse)
15. You may not materialize fences. 
16. No maze bases.
17. No invisible props.
18. Cannot have a building sign up if you have any entities within the base.
19. You may only own one base at a time. 
20. Can only build on your property unless Hobo,Salesman, and MEGABASE.

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